Healthy eating habits maintain a healthy weight, which can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Maintaining healthy weight increases energy levels and overall quality of life. Everyone at the camp is focused on one goal, providing motivation and inspiration for individuals in need of it most. A solid 15 year history as an award winning "boutique" weight loss camp programA pricing and options structure that beats out nearly all competitorsA water-view accommodations setting in a beautiful hotelA purpose built fitness facility entirely dedicated to small groups of clientsA place where you get to walk on beautiful beaches and experience lots of sunshineA well seasoned, experienced and empathetic staffA great meal plan without excessive calorie restrictionsA fitness & nutritional system that is based on the United States Marine Corps weight loss & fitness modelA practical and applicable approach to life coaching and encouragmentA team that is dedicated to forming long lasting relationships with our clients and supporting them through their journey well beyond their stay in our wellness programWe provide meals that are delicious, substantial, filling and genuinely healthy. Additionally, these camps offer nutritional guidance so attendees can understand proper portion sizes and food choices essential for maintaining a healthy diet.

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